Find Your Home with Red Door Realty & Associates

Find Your Home with Red Door Realty & Associates

Red Door Realty & Associates was founded in 2008 by Jill Henderson, broker/owner, and Christi Harvey, owner/agent. It was named to invite prosperity and happiness into the lives and homes of all those we encounter.

Competition in real estate services had become too generic and intense in the last few years, and it became obvious to us that change was needed. We saw a need for higher quality of service to clients and customers, response time, and overall care for clients, and thus Red Door Realty & Associates was founded.

Both Jill and Christi have held real estate licenses since 2003 and hold numerous accreditations, along with being members of the Texas, National and Houston Association of Realtors, along with the Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce.

Independently owned and licensed in the State of Texas, our focus is on family spirit, not corporate structure. We are not pressured by a large franchise or corporation. Our allegiance is to you, not to "headquarters", so we can give you the best service possible, with no compromises. We're in this to build long-term, lasting relationships.

We govern ourselves under the principles of fairness, generosity and integrity, offering a friendly, one-to-one approach that's catered to your personal needs. There is no doubt that our ethics, standards, and community driven approach will prove to be a huge benefit in your home undertaking, whether buying or selling.

Even beyond that, we know our markets to their smallest details. We know that when you make a move, every detail is important. On behalf of Red Door Realty & Associates, we welcome you and look forward to serving YOU!